Summer Ministry ( 5 Day Club)

Do you see a need to impact and evangelize your community? Do you have a burden to reach spiritually lost children? Then why not step out and do something about it? Your willingness to step out in faith could change a child’s life for eternity.

CEF’s Summer Ministry (5-Day Club) is the perfect way for you to do so! For five consecutive days( or three of four, depending open your schedule), for one and a half to two hours each day, you can gather children in your neighborhood/community to have fun and learn about God!

5 Day Clubs include:

  • Impactful Bible lessons
  • Interactive Scripture memory
  • Upbeat songs
  • A suspenseful missionary story
  • Fun review games
  • A clear Gospel presentation each day
  • Snack
  • Crafts

How can you help?

The CEF® training team can equip you with the knowledge and materials to:

  • Teach in a club
  • Help in a club(snacks, songs, crafts, crowd control, etc.
  • Pray for a club
  • Host a club in your neighborhood or community

Will I receive instruction to teach?


Child Evangelism Fellowship will provide an exciting program to help you become an effective worker. 

For information on training sessions contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss with you the information you’ll need.

What materials will I use?

5 Day Club kits available from CEF Press® provide all the necessary materials. Kits include:

Curriculum book that includes Bible lesson, verse teaching, prayer teaching, review questions, and review game suggestion

  • Visualized verses
  • Teaching cards
  • Missionary story
  • Tips/suggestions for leading a child to Christ
  • Visualized theme song and other song visuals
  • Reproducible verse tokens

Where will I work?

You will work in your own community under the supervision fo the local CEF of Cobb staff.

Your church may help find homes or other suitable locations. It could be a house, yard, apartment complex, park, neighborhood clubhouse- anywhere that children will come!